Get To Know Me

1. Are you named after anyone?


I'm not named after a person but a song.


2. When was the last time you cried?


Three days ago when my daughter tried on her prom dress.


3. Do you have kids?


Yes three, one girl age 16 two boys ages 11, 8.


4. If you were another person would you be a friend of yourself?


I'd like to think that I'm  a good friend so yes.


5. Do you use sarcasm a lot?


All the time.


6. Will you ever bungee jump?




7. What's your favourite cereal?


Honey nut loops.


8. What's the first thing you notice about people?




9. What's your eye color?




10. Scary movies or happy endings?


A little of both.


11. Favorite smells?


Coconut, vanilla and the air after a storm.


12. Summer or winter?


Winter, i love the snow.


13. Computer or television?


Computer, i don't watch that much telly.


14. What's the furthest you've ever been from home?


I live in south wales uk and i believe the furthest i have been is las vegas.


15. Do you have any special talents?


Multitasking does that count?


16. Where were you born?


South wales uk.


17. What are your hobbies?


Reading and baking.


18. Do you have any pets?


Yes an english bulldog named Caesar.


19. Favorite movie?


City of angels and Bram stokers Dracula


20. Do you have any siblings?




21. What do you want to be when you grow up?