Escaping Destiny - Amelia Hutchins

Favourite Quote


"Every beauty needed a beast, and he was mine"



These books are pure escapism at its best. For the last few days i have been consumed with everything that is this series. The main characters are amazing, strong feisty heroine, one of the best alpha males i have every read about and the secondary characters are just as good. My favourite would be Ristian.


“Woo her,” Ristan continues.
“I don’t woo.”
“Woo,” he repeats.
“I’m not the kind of man to woo anyone. I can make her scream my name to the rafters, isn’t that enough wooing?”
“Woo,” Ristan smirks, which only served to irritate me more.
“Woo,” I grind out on an exhale.
“Yes, woo,” he says, already turning to walk away. I watch his shoulders quake with laughter.
“Woo,” I growl.
“Woo!” He says over his shaking shoulders.
“Fuck me,” I shake my head.
“No thanks, not my type…”



If you are looking to start a new PNR series i urge you to give this one a try, you will not be disappointed. First book in the series is Fighting Destiny. 

I now begin waiting not so patiently for the next one.