Alone in the Dark (The Cincinnati Series) by Rose, Karen(February 2, 2016) Mass Market Paperback - Karen Rose

Synopsis : Former Army Ranger Marcus O'Bannion and homicide cop Scarlett Bishop have met only briefly but when Scarlett receives a phone call in the middle of the night, she immediately recognises the hauntingly smooth voice asking her to meet him in one of Cincinnati's roughest areas.

On arriving, Scarlett finds the body of a seventeen-year-old Asian girl and Marcus injured. A fierce champion of victims' rights, Marcus claims the young woman was working for an affluent local family and the last time he saw her she was terrified, abused, and clearly in need of help. Having agreed to meet her, both Marcus and the young woman were targeted for death.

As they investigate, Scarlett and Marcus are pulled into the dangerous world of human trafficking where they soon realise they are going to have to become as ruthless as those they are hunting.

Because if they don't, how many other girls may end up alone in the dark?


Thoughts : I would start by saying that you really need to read the first in this series (Closer than you think) before starting this one as this book makes quite a lot of references to events and characters.

This wasn't my favourite book by Karen Rose, i thought it was too long and i got a little lost in the middle. It did pick up at the end and i was happy with how it concluded. I loved the secondary characters and have everything crossed that they will be getting their own stories, especially Stone and Diesel.


Incredulous, Marcus just looked at him. 'Are you kidding me? You have stormed enemy bunkers with bullets flying all over the damn place.' Marcus should know - he'd been shoulder-to-shoulder with Diesel every time. 'Are you seriously trying to tell me you're scared of "women stuff"? What the hell, Diesel? Just . . . what the hell?”